Hubel Insulating uses Climate Pro Formaldehyde-Free Blow-in Loose-Fill Fiber Glass Insulation from Johns Manville for your attic.  It offers the thermal and acoustical performance you'd expect from fiber glass while improving indoor air quality because it is made without formaldehyde.  Why is that important?  Because reducing overall formaldehyde levels creates a healthier environment which is the right thing to do.  Johns Manville offers the only complete line of certified Formaldehyde-Free fiber glass building insulation.  Visit for more information.

Blow-in fiber glass insulation is a premium alternative to cellulose. It is blown in to cover attics and hard to reach areas such as corners, edges and around framing.  When it is applied to the recommended thickness and specifications, you can be assured that your home is energy efficient with minimal heat loss. Unlike cellulose it won't shrink, settle, decay or provide food for animals or microbes. It is effective for the life of your home.

Attics - can be insulated up to R-70 over ½ ceiling drywall without exceeding ceiling weight limits.

 Performance Advantages:

1. Formaldehyde-Free: Will not off-gas formaldehyde in an indoor environment.

2. Thermal Efficiency: Provides effective resistance to heat transfer.
                                      JM Climate Pro insulation does not settle, keeping the original R-value after installation.

3. Sound Control: Reduces transmission of sound through ceiling assemblies.

4. Durable Inorganic Glass: Will not hold moisture so it will not rot, mildew or deteriorate.
                                               Is noncorrosive to pipes, wiring and metal studs.
                                               Fire resistant and noncombustible.
                                               Made with at least 50% recycled bottle glass.

5. Complete Coverage: Effective in tight spaces, areas with large amounts of cross-bridging and areas with small gaps and voids.