Hubel Insulating (1995) Ltd. has been approved by BASF as a highly-trained applicator for their two main polyurethane products offering insulating/barrier systems that will give you total peace of mind.

WALLTITE ECO:  As a closed-cell and lower-density foam, WALLTITE ECO will provide you the performance you need with the best durability and insulating properties. WALLTITE ECO is the first closed-cell spray polyurethane insulation to obtain the ECO LOGO certification. The ECO LOGO program provides consumers with the assurance that the product is better for the environment and has been audited by a credible third party.

Walltite Eco Foam Insluation

Note from Mike Holmes:

‘’I have a good, ongoing relationship with BASF. I believe WALLTITE ECO is the best way to insulate. They stand behind their product and are constantly improving it with research and development. It`s a top quality product that`s number-one in the marketplace.’’

WALLTITE ECO Product Benefits:

1. Reduced energy consumption: Ensures lower energy consumption thus lower energy costs.

2. Comfort: High insulation value combined with the air barrier system enables heating, ventillation and air-conditionning (HVAC) systems to perform to specifications, providing a comfortable environment.

3. Air tightness: Gap-free, airtight, monolithic envelope of low permeability that adheres tenaciously to virtually all surfaces smooth or irregular.

4. Durability: Added protection against premature building deterioration.

5. Structural strength: Increased rack and shear resistance when sprayed on to gypsum board and vinyl siding and increased racking strength when sprayed on Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

6. Quality assurance: Tests performed during every job ensure high quality installation. 

7. Versatility: Numerous applications in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential use.

8. Indoor air quality: WALLTITE ECO significantly improves the durability and climate control of a building.


ENERTITE  is a low density , spray applied polyurethane insulation system intended for residential, commercial and institutional application. It provides insulation, air sealing and sound absorption.